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A global business manager at a leading chemicals company needed help making the leap from manager to executive. The focus was on executive communication style, a higher level of risk-taking, and faster decision-making.

A CFO in a premier financial institution sought a new level of time and priority management. Coaching included benchmarking other leading CFOs.

A senior executive in charge of Quality at a major pharmaceuticals firm needed to improve presentation skills.

An EVP in a consulting company, on the road to burn-out, wanted stress management approaches and wellness practices that could be integrated into a high-travel lifestyle.

Senior managers in both a petroleum and a publishing company faced re-establishing their relationships as they moved from peers to a situation where one reported to the other. Coaching led them to reach unexpected levels of open communication.

Top management teams in the banking and hospitality industries used coaching to adapt their leadership behavior as they implemented a new customer-focus strategy.

Senior executives displaced by mergers, younger managers, their own lack of enthusiasm/motivation in their current jobs, used coaching to decide what was next and then took action.

Senior executives in both a financial services and a chemicals company, recruited in with strong change mandates, faced major resistance from direct reports. They used coaching to help assess the new culture and to adapt their approach.

Long term, high level managers in information management, supply chain, engineering and R&D used coaching to add leadership, teamwork, and communication skills to their technical capability.

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