Ann Rice Mullen  Executive Coach

Dealing with Change: Strategy, competition, culture, new ownership, key relationships. Almost every professional experiences times when external change requires a personal refocusing. Without that investment in reevaluation and then in changed behavior, leaders become out of balance, their effectiveness diminished.

Ann Rice Mullen, with over 20 years experience in internal and external consulting to executives and middle managers, has a gift for leading people and organizations through the process of change.


  • guides leaders in clarifying their vision—especially as it connects to their higher purpose in life and how that purpose and the need for current results can be combined.
  • helps them evaluate the changed business culture and determine effective and ineffective behavior in that culture.
  • supports her clients in refocusing their potential so they can best contribute to organizational success.

Herself a former Senior Vice President, Ann faced the need to change and experienced many of the same challenges her clients face. She used executive coaching to support her accomplishments. Ann has a deep belief in the value of the process, and a belief that people can and will change.

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