The Executive Coaching of Ann Rice Mullen

Determine Fit Meet with the leader and his/her manager to assess fit. The HR professional is often included in the early stages.
Define Objectives of Coaching Contract is set defining behavior to be worked on, duration of coaching, ground rules for the process, feedback loop, measurement criteria.
Assessments: New & Existing Use diagnostic instrument and interviews to gain understanding of others' perceptions of client, review existing 360-feedback.
Coaching Tailored to the individual's needs, coaching may include meetings, job-shadowing, video taping, role playing, referral to other resources.
Mid-Course Assessment Are changes being noticed? Are modifications needed in the process? This formal review includes the manager and HR professional.
Coaching Continues Implement any modifications. Often coaching by telephone or email is used between regular—eg, bi-weekly—meetings.
Measurement & Follow-up Results are assessed through interviews, a 360 instrument, manager/peer assessment. Follow-up is scheduled to encourage continued momentum.
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